martes, 5 de abril de 2011


this part is about de clothing
i normally wear bluejean, some time t-shirt and i never wear sneakers i always wear sandals
in my collegge everybody wear bluejean, shirt or sweater and sneakers

those are caps, if you want one you need to pay about 5$

if you are looking for something like this you need to pay 20$
you need pay for this about 50$ 
those sneakers cost about 100$

lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

it's time to take care of our planet

now... i want to tell you about our planet
we need to know how we take care it?
well... when we go to everywhere we need to off TV or something like that, take care the water is very importar, not to damage plants.
take care our planet
just to think green 

this is my bedroom...

this is my bedroom... there are two bed and a lot pilow, an air conditioner and a curtain too, a computer, a TV and a lot teddy, i love my my bedroom

i live in a house, I live in a quiet neighborhood. in my house there are three rooms, a kitchen, a living room, just there are two bathroom.

my favorite place is my bedroom, i´m always alone, i can relax and study very well


i study in the afternoon  
And finally, i go to my bed at abour 10:pm

This is my life


First i gets at 5:00am, then i sleep 5mints more jejeje...
i go to the bathroom i can spend time there, slepping or just thinking about of my day
i eat before go to the university ... some very fast to my breakfast and of course thinking in my diet
Them i go to my university i´m there about five hours
and i go to my home, so tired
i eat pasta for lunch at 2:00pm 

domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

i'm here again

hi !... i'm doing my homework!
well...  i go to the college from monday to friday...  in the afternoon i sleep and at 6 o'clock i doing my homework
On Friday
night usually i'm go to party or just go out with my friends
Saturday morning i'm go to play tennis
Sunday mornning i´m go to church
This is my time... this is my life!

sorry I forgot to comment another thing

is about the video firework... when i felt alone or when i had some problems in my life I just wanted to mourn, but now remenber that i have a firework in myself.  I feel happy in the thought that I breathe and I have a sun each day. so  just looking up and think you are a firework
God bless yoou
See you soon